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MANIFOLDS AND ACCESSORIES Stainless steel manifold VTc.588.EMNX

(VTc.588.EMNX) stainless steel manifold block for distributing flow along the contours of floor heating, radiator heating and other climate systems where water or non-refrigerated glycol solution is used as heat carrier with a maximum operating temperature of 90°C , working pressure up to 9 bar.

The outlet of the return manifold of the VTc.588 block is equipped with a thermostatic valve, and the supply outlet is equipped with a regulating micrometer valve. The collector is equipped with a vent with shut-off valve, discharge cock, self-sealing plug. The standard for connecting pipe rings is Eurocone. Includes mounting bracket.

Manifold material is AISI 301 steel, fittings and fittings are CW617N brass, seals and spool gaskets are EPDM 70Sh.

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