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MANIFOLDS AND ACCESSORIES Manifold with male connections VTC.580.N

Manifold with shut-off valve Valtec 3. 1″x1/2″ (VTc.580.N) for water and other non-corrosive media to product materials. The body is made of high quality sanitary brass CW617N (European standard EN 12165). Has ½” male threaded outlets. Provides a globe ball valve with a minimum resource of 4000 cycles at each outlet. Manifold Diameter - ¾ or 1", Thread - Internal/External. Non-repairable. Operating Temperature - Up to 110 °C, Pressure - up to 10 bar.

The application manifold Valtec (VTc.580.N) with shut-off valve eliminates the need for additional shut-off valves, control valves and seals, facilitating the design, installation and commissioning of the equipment. In the water supply, the collectors provide equal pressure to consumers, excluding their mutual influence. The heating collector is one of the elements that ensures the required heat supply to the heating plant and the floor heating circuit.

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