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GATE VALVES & CHECK VALVES Check valve with air-vent VT.171

The check valve Valtec (VT.171) with drain and vent is a combined version of the multifunctional accessory. This device, installed in a network or heating/water supply system, has several functions: prevents backflow of carriers, drains liquids and eliminates air pockets.

Fittings come with manual vents (for vertical mounting) and drain plugs. Install additional fittings in specially supplied sockets with ¼” threaded fastening. Where fittings are arranged horizontally, the exhaust port can be replaced by a pressure gauge.

Check valves with drainage and ventilation openings are used to equip plumbing and heating systems as well as transport networks for conveying liquids and gases, the components of which are chemically inert fittings with respect to structural components.

When installing, pay attention to the marking of the valve body, where the arrow indicates the installation direction of the flow direction.

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