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1.Application of BALL VALVES

Ball valve is used to regulate and control pipelines, including drinking water supplies, heating systems, transportation of compressed air, hydrocarbons and other liquids etc.

Application of BALL VALVES


2.Features of BALL VALVES

▪ Valve body, bonnet, ball— CW 617 N or as required.

▪ Ball gasket—P.T.F.E. (heat-resistant)

▪ Packing — NBR70 SH/A, P.T.F.E.

▪ Stem— CW614N (UNI EN 12164)

▪ Thread— ISO 7, ISO 228/1

▪ Handle— Zinc plated & varnished steel

▪ Strong Collapsible lever handle (heat-insulating coating of PVC increased working distance and thickness of handle).

▪ Self-locking nut for fixing the handle, which eliminates the possibility of spontaneous I oosen.


3.Technical Specifications

▪ Full bore;

▪ Temperature range from -30° C to +150° C;

▪ Normative pressure from PN16 to PN40 (depending on the diameter);

▪ Range of diameters from % "to 4";


China BALL VALVES manufacturer

China is home to some of the most famous ball valve manufacturers in the world. These manufacturers produce high-quality valves for a variety of applications from industrial to residential. Their valves are manufactured with precision, ensuring that they can withstand any type of extreme pressure or temperature.

Valtec has built a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service and technical support. We strive to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient products. We have valves available in a variety of sizes and materials including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, carbon steel and more. Their products are designed to meet stringent quality standards and are offered at competitive prices.

Valtec ensures that each valve is precisely designed and manufactured so it will last for many years and perform reliably in any application. Many of these manufacturers also offer services that enable customers to create the perfect product for their specific needs. Additionally, we have a team of experienced engineers who can assist you in selecting the proper valve for your specific application. They are also constantly innovating and creating new designs, features to maintain and meet the changing needs of customers.

Valtec is committed to providing customers with quality products at competitive prices. As a result, they are trusted by many companies across the globe as a reliable source of quality valves. Contact us at Valtec whether you are looking for standard models or custom solutions.


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